About Deb Cleveland


I am a self-taught, wise, creative, blessed and determined women. I started a business from scratch out of my spare bedroom as a single parent. I grew this business into a $2 million company that I owned for 16 years.

In the beginning I was a single mom, broke with a high school diploma and no savings. All I had was a son I adored and determination to succeed. I loved to read and I wasn’t afraid of hard work. During my third year in the business I had an epiphany about money. I remember how excited I was to finally be making good money when my business went from $250K a year to $1.1 million. It struck me that if I didn’t figure out how to invest the money, I worked so hard to earn, that I would be working this hard for the rest of my life. So I went on a quest and discovered that real estate investments were the safest, most secure and profitable ways to build long-term wealth, make high returns and passive income.

I had many heated discussions with financial advisors who tried to convince me differently, we sat down and I showed them that I was able to find discounted properties and do a little bit of sweat equity, the properties almost doubled in value. Yes, there was a little more effort than owning stocks, bonds, CD’s or savings, but it was well worth it.

The rest is history. I never thought I would live long enough to say that! I have renovated and flipped over 400 units. I still run a crew where we renovate and flip 4-6 projects a year while maintaining over 84 rentals units.

My friends say I inspire them to live full out, that I am quirky and eccentric at times.

I love creating beauty, making money, supporting others in realizing their dreams, making a difference, leading, getting my hands dirty, watching a great show, baking, spending time with my grandchildren and with God.

Deb is an invaluable source as a teacher and coach when it comes to real estate investing.