Deb Cleveland Wants to Make a Difference One Person, One Property and One Community at a Time!

"After working with Deb I was able to double my income just a few months later!"

Over the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of having two consultations with Deb, and because of those two interactions with her, so much of my life has changed! First, she helped me to peel back the layers of limiting thinking in my existing business as an interior designer, so I could see I wasn’t fully valuing what I brought to my clients. I rethought my work, made some changes, and was able to double my income just a few months later! After that, we connected again to talk about what I wanted to create as a real estate investor. With her encouragement, I took the brave step forward of working with an investment partner, and now I own my first investment property, something that I’ve dreamed about my whole life. The property is under construction now, and when it’s done I believe I’ll more than double my investment. I can’t recommend working with Deb highly enough. It’s a wonderful experience that will change your life forever. Her caring approach, deep experience, insight, and passion will help you see what’s truly possible.

"Deb is making all of my real estate dreams come true."

I worked with Deb over the course of six months, and she is making all of my real estate dreams come true. When we first connected, I didn’t have any real estate investing experience, but I always knew that I wanted to try it for retirement purposes. Plus I’d always loved real estate … but I had no clue where to begin! I started taking Deb’s course and we had weekly calls, and right off the bat I was impressed with how savvy, smart, generous, and kind she was. That comes through in the stories she shared about her employees and tenants, but I also experienced it firsthand. She marries this strong businesswoman persona with her kind and generous heart, and does it so beautifully. After working with her for just a few months, I acquired my first investment properties, a duplex and a four-plex. The four-plex is my absolute dream property! I never would have thought it possible for myself, especially in such a tight timeframe, but through Deb’s coaching I began to believe in myself and make bold decisions. Now I’m renovating my properties, and I’m so excited! Deb helps you craft a vision for your future—giving you a clear plan and direction—and she helps you achieve it. If you are thinking of working with her, I would 100% say go for it. She’s amazing.