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Greatness Potentiation System (GPS)

Your Roadmap to Success

The GPS Course is a powerful tool that creates clarity, intention and a plan of action to succeed as a real estate investor or house flipper.

Why do so many smart successful well-intentioned folks fail when it comes to making money and building wealth with real estate? The #1 reason is that they don’t have a plan or the right knowledge to succeed.

Owning a few well-selected, easy to own, easy to manage and easy to maintain properties can be one of the best investments you will ever make. Owning $1-5 million worth of real estate can make a huge difference as to how you create financial freedom at any age.  

So many business owners and real estate investors don’t take the time necessary to see what their overall intent and outcome is.  It’s like jumping in your car in Rochester and saying “I am going to Florida,” without planning the trip. You may end up there, but it is quite likely that you won’t.  Taking the time to think about your trip, what you need to pack, where you want to stay, how are you going to get there, how much money you will need and have a well thought out plan will get you to where you want to go effectively and efficiently.

I found that there are a lot of courses and programs that show you how to invest in real estate or flip properties.  This is very different than having a plan in place where you know what your final destination looks like for you.

GPS self-directed course

The GPS self-directed course is a powerful tool that creates clarity, direction and a plan for action as a real estate investor. This is essential because successful results happen when you are clear, have a specific plan and take intentional action.

The GPS Course is exactly that type of course.  
This valuable tool, if done in its entirety, creates a solid foundation and a roadmap for your success to either start or expand your real estate investments or flipping business.

The GPS course gives you:

Clarity of Vision
In this module, you are asked questions about the results you want from owning real estate or flipping properties.  How big of a real estate portfolio to you want to own? How many properties do you want to flip? Where are you investing? Who are your tenants? What types of properties do you own?   

Knowing your purpose for wanting to make money and build wealth is the glue that will keep your vision alive.  Is it to put your children through college, to have the funds to retire well or to diversity your savings?

Who do you have to be in order to show up powerfully and intentionally as a real estate investor?  What traits are going to ensure your success?

Who needs to be on your team? You will learn how to properly select a small team of skilled tradespeople, a banker, a real estate agent, partners and other investors.  In this module, you get clear about who you need to add to your team and, in some cases, remove from your team.

Derailer & Overrides
What gets you stuck or off-track?  What can you put in place to keep you moving forward? Is it procrastination, fear of failure, perfectionism,.... What stops you from succeeding?

40 Days of Velocity
You will create your 1st 40 steps where you will take one step each day.  This will give you the velocity and momentum necessary to reach your goals for searching, looking at, negotiating and then buying rentals.  

Create 40 small action steps that you can take each day.

  1. Interview a few real estate brokers
  2. Look at listing on the MLS
  3. Drive around in neighborhoods I am interested in
  4. Contact my banker and let him know I am buying real estate this year
  5. Ask around about a handyman

Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Plan
Do you want to buy $500,000 worth of real estate over the next 12 months or $5,000,000? Whatever it is, write it down and then calculate how many rental units you would need to reach this outcome.  Is it one well-selected 5-unit, or 5 single family homes? Is it 1- or 2-apartment complexes?

The GPS tool gives you a strong foundation to begin and grown your real estate investment business.

I have used this valuable process to create, build and sustain three highly successful and profitable businesses. The reason it works is because you can see your final destination and you have a plan in place with action steps for each day, week and month that take you closer to your objective.

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